Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Almost always they have been touched by Alzheimer’s in some way–caring for a spouse, a parent, or someone else they cared deeply for. And now they want to help others who are dealing with the same things. We have multiple ways for volunteers to help, especially with Naples Unites. 

We Need Your Help!

One way to help involves little more than what you’re already doing just living day to day in Naples.  Every time you frequent a business, say a restaurant, retail store, personal service, etc. think about how you were treated–especially if you go there with someone living with brain change.  How were you treated?  Lots of our families tell us about the outstanding way they have been treated and want to honor that business for being welcoming to people with brain change.  We then prepare and frame a certificate honoring that business, which is then presented by the volunteer or our staff.  We invite that business to be part of Naples Unites and they are given the seal and the certificate.  Our goal is to have every business and every organization become a place where people living with brain change and their families are welcomed and made to feel that they belong. 

Naples Unites Emissary

You can also become a Naples Unites Emissary.  We’ll provide you with our seals and other material and you can invite your favorite businesses to join.  Let us know who you’ve invited and we’ll follow up with them and list them on our website’s directory.  There is no cost to the business to join.

Become A Buddy

Another way to volunteer is with a person living with brain change as a buddy at a Naples Unites Partner Site.  Together, this volunteer buddy pair do something that they find meaningful at an organization that has opened their doors and their hearts to providing purpose to people living with neurocognitive decline.  This is more of a one-on-one relationship and gives the person living with brain change something to look forward to–spending time with a friend doing something they enjoy!  If you would like to get involved in this way, but are interested in volunteering somewhere that is not yet a partner site, please let us know and we will reach out to them.  

Have other ideas on how you could volunteer to help grow Naples Unites?  We want to hear from you!