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Connection to Cognitive Care

Kevin, the owner/operator of Action Automotive, has experience with brain change with his parents/step-parents. Before that, however, Kevin understood how to treat people with kindness, understanding, dignity, and respect. When our office was just down the street from his shop, all of our staff would have Kevin service our cars. He was fair with his prices and was always upfront and honest. No matter how busy he was, he always took his time to explain what needed to be done and why. From Kevin, care partners can learn how important a calm and friendly demeanor is when interacting with people who are having a bad day. Let's face it: when your car breaks down, that usually doesn't put you in a good mood. We teach our care partners (caregivers) that you are the tone-setter. Kevin set the tone for me more than a few times when my car was car was broken, and I was anxious and frustrated. In a calm tone, Kevin reassured, "We'll get you fixed up." And he did. This exemplifies the lessons of being positive, reassuring, and setting the tone, especially when someone is in distress. -- Clarke Pollard (Alzheimer's Support Network).

Action Automotive


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