There are many benefits to becoming a Naples Unites site. First, you join a host of well-respected businesses and nonprofits that have already joined this program, and you will help lead the way locally, nationally and internationally. To become a Naples Unites Site, reach out to us as (239) 262-8388 or

Napltes Unites Partner Sites have distinguished themselves by welcoming people with brain change to volunteer at their place of business. When someone is diagnosed with a disease like Alzheimer's, they do not stop having passions that move them and needing purpose in their lives. This is exactly what the Naples Unites Partner Sites provide. Check out some of the businesses that have committed themselves to providing passion and purpose for people with brain change.  Partner Sites

Why should my business want to be a part of Naples Unites?  Why wouldn’t you?

The Purpose

Imagine the pride you will feel living in a community that cares, knowing that your business welcomes people of all abilities and that a person with cognitive challenges can come into your business and be treated with Understanding, Respect, Kindness, and Dignity.

Help Naples Unites!

Help set Naples apart, and lead the way. Together we can and will provide Compassionate Cognitive Care! Help be part of the effort setting the standard of care not only in our town but also to become a model of what is possible for any town or city anywhere in the world!

Becoming a Naples Unites site is as easy as calling or emailing us and letting us know that you want to become a Naples Unites site. We’ll provide a decal for your store’s window, list you in our Naples Unites Directory, and help you be successful.


What can I do as a business?

Display the Naples Unites Logo 


We ask that you display the Naples Unites logo in your storefront window or use the counter top display that we will provide you. Much like the Yellow Ribbon is a symbol of support for the troops, displaying the Naples Unites logo shows your commitment to the goal of the program. Together we will make Naples a truly Cognitively Kind Community.

What does it cost?

Did we mention it costs nothing to become a Naples Unites site. This is a free program designed and offered by the Alzheimer’s Support Network, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides all programs and services free of charge. The Alzheimer’s Support Network was founded in Naples Florida in 1982, and is committed to providing quality care for those with Alzheimer’s and related diseases and their care partners (caregivers).





Many businesses will say: We sell hammers or swimsuits. We are not in the business of caring for people with Alzheimer’s.

It is important to realize that any interchange with someone with Alzheimer’s or another neurocognitive disease is an instance of providing care. This is true, whether you know it or not. A brief minute-long exchange with someone with a cognitive condition can have lasting effects on that person. This is true for a positive encounter resulting in a lasting sense of good will. And it is certainly true with a negative encounter that can cause distress and disruption far beyond the exchange.

You are providing care to someone with Alzheimer’s every time you interact with them. It can be good care or bad. Your actions can have a profound effect.


The Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a partner site. First, you join a host of well-respected businesses and nonprofits that have already joined this program and you will help lead the way locally, nationally and internationally. You are showing that your business respects the rights and enhances the sense of wellbeing of those who have cognitive conditions. The good will that your business and its employees will receive by being part of this program will translate into greater customer appreciation.

In addition, your business will be featured as a Partner Site on the Naples Unites website. The Alzheimer’s Support Network and other organizations will refer to the Partner Site List when directing families to locations where their loved ones will receive the principles of positive care: kindness, dignity, respect, and understanding.



 We invite all businesses to take a photo of the Naples Unites decal in their storefront window and we will post those photos on the Naples Unites site as a growing gallery of our partner site locations.

Furthermore, as a partner site you will have access to online training materials, and regular opportunities to interact with Alzheimer’s Support Network staff to help you problem solve and develop specialized skills.