Naples Unites Partner Site Program of Passion & Purpose

There are few available opportunities for people living with brain change to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Naples Unites Partner Sites provide an individualized way to be engaged in the community and, truly, in one’s own life.  Naples Unites Partner Sites help reduce the stigma associated with brain change by helping the community at large see people with cognitive changes as viable members of society, not closed off in segregated communities and restricted activities.

 Naples Unites Partner Sites encourage and enable people living with Alzheimer's and other forms of cognitive changes to follow their passions and be involved in activities that provide purpose and meaning. When people living with brain change are seen as unique individuals with something to give, rather than people who can no longer contribute, the stigma starts peeling away. People with Alzheimer's have so much taken away. As a Naples Unite Partner Site, you are giving back. As a Partner Site you are helping people with brain change find a depth of purpose that brings meaning to all our lives. 

Bridging Hearts, Building Community

Naples Unites Partner Site Passion and Purpose Program is a volunteer-buddy program linking a person living with brain change to one of our volunteers.  This buddy pair is then matched up with an organizational partner site.  The aim is to give purpose to both volunteers by doing something they find meaningful and enjoyable, while also providing a benefit to the partner site.

By insisting that people living with brain change are treated with dignity and respect, Naples Unites seeks to explore ways for our community to work together on the shared goal of crafting compassionate care that offers the maximum level of autonomy and well-being.  Naples Unites will be successful when every business in Naples, Florida welcomes people living with brain change and commits to treating each individual with understanding, kindness, respect and dignity. 



The Naples Players, Downtown Naples (and other locations)

Opportunity:  Set Building/Design and Costume Department

Duties:  Anything from sorting, sewing, categorizing, painting, building, etc.

Good to know:  no experience necessary, but experience is certainly welcomed!  Good to have a love for the theater and everything that makes it come together.

Days Needed:  Flexible 

Times Needed:  Flexible

Wonder Gardens, Bonita Springs

Click Here for more about programs at the Wonder Gardens 

Opportunity:  Plant Shop Support

Duties:  Guest service, light plant care, watering, etc.

Good to know:  outdoor environment heat/sun; sitting/standing in plant shop area (approx 700 sq ft); gravel ground cover

Days Needed:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday

Times Needed:  9:30-11:30am  OR  11:30am-1:30pm

Naples Botanical Garden (South Naples)

Opportunity:  Nursery Assistant (either Conservation or Horticulture)

Duties:  General nursery tasks (weeding, adding mulch in pots, sweeping, watering, pruning, repotting, labeling plant material, assist with light maintenance)

Good to know:  outdoor environment in heat/sun; long pants or shorts and shirt, hat and closed toe shoes suggested

Days Needed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

Times Needed:  2 hr shift anytime from 8:30am-12:30pm

Other Opportunities:  There are several other opportunities available at the Naples Botanical Garden.  If the above don’t work for you, please reach out to Mel

Habitat for Humanity, 2 Locations (North and East Naples)

Opportunities:    At ReStore Locations

Duties:  Greeting/working with customers; help unpack donations; prepare donated items for display; sales support to staff; assist with maintenance and repair

Good to know:  Indoor environment; mostly standing

Days Needed:  Monday through Saturday at East Naples; Monday through Sunday at North Naples

Times Needed:  flexible during open hours 10am-6pm (Sunday 10am-4pm)


Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park/Beach, North Naples (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

We are adding New Partner Sites. If you would like to find out how your business can become a Naples Unites Partner Site please contact us:                                             (239) 262-8388 or